The Whiskers Inn

Why is this blog called Potato Chip Cats? Are you some kind of cat lady? Then where are the cat posts?

I do have cats, and I do love them, and I realize that this blog is not very cat-centered, but I was inspired to begin a blog while working at a “bed and breakfast” for our feline friends back in 2009. There was a kitschy-cute plaque there that said “Cats are like potato chips. You can’t have just one” and I took the name from that. I planned to invent short stories about the cats there and their owners as a way to practice writing fiction. Since that clearly never came to fruition, the blog stands today as my way of sharing giveaways, pictures, and whatever else I feel like, and I haven’t had the heart to change the name.

The Whiskers Inn is an amazing little hotel for cats located on the Connecticut shoreline. I have worked here part-time summers and winter breaks from college for almost 4 years. Although I don’t spend as much time there anymore, I still recommend it to all of my friends and appreciate how accommodating and friendly the people there are. When I have my own place someday soon, I plan to take Rupert, a technically homeless Persian living there temporarily, with me.
Check out my very first blog post detailing my experiences here.

From their website:

If you’ve ever felt guilty about leaving your cat when you had to be away from home, The Whiskers Inn may be your solution.

As the Connecticut shoreline’s original bed and breakfast exclusively for cats, The Whiskers Inn has been providing purrfectly delightful lodging since 1988. Located in Old Saybrook and nestled in a quiet, wooded setting, it is the ideal place for guests to relax. They are pampered by a friendly, knowledgeable staff whose main concerns are kitty’s comfort and your peace of mind.

See for yourself:

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Kovu, the cutest, saddest-looking tiny bundle of fur I’ve ever seen.  A long-term resident  at the hotel.